The Platform

The organisation of a virtual hackathon event requires the use of online tools and a centralised platform that will enable tutors to structure and conduct a successful virtual hackathon event and participants to participate and collaborate in this virtual hackathon event remotely. 

The Virtual Hackathon Platform provides the online tools and the online platform for the creation of a “virtual hackathon event” environment that will host the actual virtual/hybrid hackathon event and enable its smooth realisation. Through this environment, the tutors will be able to create their virtual hackathon events and set its properties according to their needs, monitor their events and make any adjustments that are appropriate during the duration of the event, while participants will be able to view information about the events and register to events they are interested in; 

  • providing their information, 
  • be divided into groups, 
  • collaborate with each other during the event, 
  • submit their projects, 
  • evaluate other's participants projects

As all these crucial steps of a virtual hackathon event require some preparatory work to be performed before the event actually takes place,  the organisers (e.g. tutors) of the event have now a friendly platform in their arsenal.

Visit the VirtualHackathon Platform

Tutors and Participants guides

You can check the following guides / manuals to better understand the functionality of the platform. 

User manual for participants: 

Visit the eClass

Visit the default VirtualHackathon Roadmap

User manual for tutors: 

Visit the eClass

Manage your virtual hackathons

Technical specifications

The back-end of the VirtualHackathon platform is based on Directus v9.26.0 ( under the GPL3.0 License (

Directus is an instant REST+GraphQL API and intuitive no-code data collaboration app for any SQL database. Learn more at

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